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I’ve been reading paranormal/fantasy infused romances since around 2007. I don’t read these types of books for earth shattering life truths but I like that the paranormal genre tends to have stronger independent “sisters doin’ it for themselves” type female characters mashed with more action oriented plots.

When I found out there was a sexy time book club fronted by my favorite Ginger Geek Queen, Felicia Day, I had to get myself in on that action.

I’ve been following along with the Vaginal Fantasy reads since around September of last year. I like that it stretches me beyond vampires and demons. The zombie month was actually wildly entertaining and the Lovecraft inspired Cthulurotica was surprisingly well-written. It’s not all smut for paranormal smut’s sake. 🙂

I started going to the monthly meetup in Chicago since January of this year. If you are in Chicago (or the burbs), you really should join us. We’re some nice chicks and we do more than just read sexy books. Come join the fun at Chicago Paranormal Romance Book Club on Google+.

Anyway, this month’s VF reads are smokin’. . .

Vaginal Fantasy - May 2013 - Main ReadPoison Princess

The “theme” this month were books by Kresley Cole and I was pretty stoked. She’s one of those authors who has been on my radar for awhile and I just never got around to picking up any of her books. 

The Vaginal Fantasy Main Read is Shadow’s Claim. While I felt a little lost at times, as if I should be more familiar with the world and some of the characters (it turns out this is a spin-off), overall it did a decent job of keeping me looped in. The plot is fairly basic – a demon princess is put up as the prize for a tournament of bloody proportions with the winner getting her & the kingdom.

Shadow’s Claim is pure sexy time magic despite a pretty typical plot arrangement. I mentioned the word “smokin'” right? The sex scenes were exactly that. I had to switch books on the bus for fear of blushing. My biggest complaint goes to the rather archetypal romance novel main characters. Bettina was a little more damsel-in-distress than I prefer and, while I like an alpha male, Trehan was a little too chest thumping “you, Bride, mine” male. It’s a romance novel though so I forgive easily. Honestly, when I signed up for a book club called Vaginal Fantasy, this was pretty much what I had in mind: action-oriented plot, fast pacing, raunchy sexy times, happy ending (on multiple levels).

The alternate read for this month is Poison Princess and I actually had read this one first. This is a Young Adult read which normally isn’t my cup of tea so I figured it would take me longer to read.

I was wrong.
Boy, was I wrong.
Jackson Deveaux is every cougar’s rough-around-the-edges dream.

Poison Princess is the first in the Arcana Chronicles and definitely had the feel of a “first installment”. The bulk of the book is comprised of Evangeline telling her back story and it got a little bit tedious. Let’s be real real here, m’kay – I had zero in common with a bunch of rich cheerleader bimbos when I was in high school so I have even less as a 36 year old married chick. However, all the set-up is really what helps make this book pack a punch later on as you realize Evangeline hasn’t even come close to hitting rock bottom.

Evangeline’s chemistry and sexual tension with Jackson is written in such delicious detail that their more innocent moments together are on par with the most blatant sexy times of Shadow’s Claim. Even better, as the timeline shifts closer to Evangeline’s present day, the book gets harder to put down. The more “Evie” comes into her own, the fiercer the tension between all the other Major Arcana characters mounts. Cap it off with an unexpected ending that borderlines infuriating when you realize the next book doesn’t come out for another 5 months and you have yourself a surprise winner. The Arcana Chronicles should shape up to be a fascinating take on the tarot deck and solid YA reading that even the most jaded of adults can get behind. (Seriously. . . get your cougar on over Jack Deveaux.)

All in all, Kresley Cole may just join Larissa Ione as one of my favorite super sexy time authors.

Here’s a link to the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout for these books:

How do you feel about romance novels?