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In March of 2013, I was frantically messaging my husband with a Kickstarter link saying, “we NEED to donate to this NOW”.

Last night, in this glorious March of 2014, I was sitting in a sold out movie theatre in downtown Chicago with hundreds of other Marshmallows as the Veronica Mars movie came to life on the big screen.

Due to taking part in the Kickstarter campaign, we got alerted to an advanced screening of the film happening around the country… with free swag…. so, of course, we did our best to procure some tickets… and procure we did!

Reunion Time

Movie theatre lighting is not flattering so I hid. 🙂

Before I say more about the movie, I really want to say that being part of this Kickstarter has been a joy from the moment we donated. The love and joy of the fans seems so clearly matched by the writers and actors involved that every penny we spent was worth it and we both agreed we’d would do it again in a heartbeat.

Leading up to the movie premier, the fan forum, Neptune Rising, hosted a daily episode watch of every single episode. As it went on, actors from the show started participating during the episode on Twitter using a special hashtag.

One of my favorite tweets came during Francis Capra’s live tweet event.

There was a theme of overwhelming gratitude throughout the last year but the panel at Comic Con in 2013 really summed up so much of it so well in about 40 minutes of laughs and jests.

A quickie rundown of the film – As a fan of the show, it was great! It was exactly what I had hoped for (mostly, no spoilers here though) with a couple of shocker moments that had the audience collectively gasping. It’s interesting to see where these characters lives have taken them. While Veronica is doing her usual rush to save Logan, when you finally see Logan he’s clearly not the same person he was when the TV show ended and that’s refreshing. There’s an intro monologue that runs a bit on the long side but it’s there to bring non-fans (or fans that haven’t watched in awhile) up to speed and establishes the voiceover conceit for them.

Fans definitely get the satisfaction of lots of familiar faces wandering across the screen and new faces that promise more to come if Warner Brothers let’s this thing keep going. The new Sheriff Lam is actually a bigger turd than his deceased brother and far more corrupt and I know I’d love to see Veronica “get her revenge on” with this guy.

For non-fans of the show, I won’t sit here and lie to you. You’re going to miss out on a lot if you’ve never seen an episode but it should still entertain you. It’s essentially a much a longer, more involved episode. It’s full of all the zingers and banter that made the show so watchable and should be enough to pique your interest. Veronica Mars had 3 great seasons of television to draw from and the actors slipped back into the roles like they’ve been playing them forever but with a maturity that comes with age.

Read this great Slate writeup or this Rolling Stone review. I thought they did a nice job of saying what I am (poorly) saying. 🙂

Are you a MARShmallow? Did you contribute to the Kickstarter and lurve your rewards? Don’t know Veronica Mars but are thinking about getting into it? Talk to me in the comments!