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Monday! (Happy Memorial Day!) While you’re waiting on your BBQ’s to fire up and get prepped check out IGG BioShock 2 playthrough, part 2!

This is a shorter video, under 30 minutes. I had a bit of a crisis when I was recording this section and I mention it a little bit in the video but I’ll elaborate on just what happened in this post. Also, a car with insane bass kept cruising my neighborhood while I was recording this one so I had to do some audio cleanup….if there’s any odd spots with my voiceover that’s why. Life in the big city… 🙂

Okay, so in the video I mention that I reached a certain point where I died so many times in a row the game stopped being fun. Here’s what happened.

I played BioShock first and then started into this game immediately after finishing it. BioShock 2 completely changed the majority of the keybindings and the functions were just different enough that I couldn’t go back and rebind them to where they’d work or make sense.

To add onto that, I was feeling extremely confident after playing through on Easy for the first BioShock so I decided to dive in on Medium for BioShock 2. This was a huge mistake for someone like me, a total mess when it comes to first person shooters. I honestly had no idea Medium would make as big of a difficulty leap as it did. The splicers hit way harder and took twice as much ammo to kill and there were more of them. The first part went so smoothly and, suddenly, I was being decimated over and over and over again. I made it a little bit past this section but was so demoralized by the experience that I decided to stop and consider why I was playing in the first place.

For me… I gravitate to a game’s story. Up until the first time I played BioShock all those years ago, I really was uninterested in first person shooters because the stories weren’t really compelling enough for me. BioShock was a game changer for me. And so… I decided to continue my journey on Easy. Don’t worry. I’ll still get killed by doing stupid things and I’ll still embarrass myself by firing my gun when I meant to fire a plasmid… but at least I’ll be able to do that and enjoy the storytelling experience that this game brings.

Have you ever played a game that left you feeling demoralized? Tell me about it in the comments!