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If you didn’t already know…. I’m a Star Trek fan. I came to it a lot later than most of the people I know. This, in no way, diminishes my enjoyment and I refuse to let anyone bring me down when it comes to my love of Star Trek!

Tomorrow, I head to the official Creation Entertainment Star Trek convention in Chicago (one of only 2 happening this year since they really want to go crazy for the 50th anniversary next year) and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been tweaking my Klingon uniform and gearing up for a geeky good time!

Official Star Trek Convention

In honor of the upcoming convention, I thought I’d throw down a few favorite episodes, picking one from the Original Series, Next Gen and Voyager.

The Original Series – Season 1, Episode 8 – “Miri”

Most know that the original Star Trek series can be downright hokey. However, underneath the technicolor sets and over-acting is a show that will have endured 50 years with a constant growing legion of fans. One of my favorite episodes from season 1 is Miri. It’s that perfect mix of ’60’s sci-fi with a message of social responsibility.


Miri has the crew of the Enterprise trapped on a world where only children exist. When the crew discovers that an attempt by the adults on the planet to prolong life killed all of the adults, they have to quarantine themselves on the planet and save themselves. The fascinating part is that the children’s lives were all slowed so they are decades old but still aging slowly. As the children reach puberty, they, too, will contract the disease and die. The society the children have built is both beautifully naive and brutal.

The Next Generation – Season 2, Episode 8 – “A Matter of Honor”

The Next Generation is peppered with episodes that run from fun and downright silly to heartwarming and thought-provoking. I hadn’t intended to choose a Klingon episode but A Matter of Honor is one of my favorites because it’s both funny and an interesting look at how two different societies deal with each other and their mutual distrust.

Matter of Honor

In A Matter of Honor, the Enterprise is taking part in a cultural exchange program. Commander Riker is sent to a Klingon ship that has ended up with a hull eating dissolving space goo…. because Trek. Goo. Space.

I’m going to just leave this highlight reel video because it’s pretty perfect. The intro is fine but it really picks up around 1:30. Klingons are far more good humored than they’re given credit for. 😉

Voyager – Season 4, Episode 14 – “Message In A Bottle”

There’s a lot of hate out there for Voyager but it was actually the first Star Trek series my husband got me to watch and enjoy. Overall, there’s really not a ton of memorable episodes for me. However, I loved The Doctor, who was a medical holographic projection. Oddly enough, much like in Next Gen with Data, the entity with no feelings often winds up being the most “human”.

Message In A BottleIn one of Andy Dick’s least obnoxious performances as a guest star and Robert Picardo being just a delightful character, this episode brings The Doctor front and center as he fights Romulans to save a Federation ship and get a message back to the Alpha Quadrant about the state of Voyager. Frankly, The Doctor is about 95% of why I enjoyed Voyager so any episode that gives him a chance to shine is usually enjoyable. I look forward to sitting in on Robert Picardo’s panel at the Trek con this weekend.

So those are a few of my favorites… This was a lot harder than I thought it would be! Am I way off base, fellow Trekkers? What are some of your favorite episodes? Tell me in the comments below!

**Since I’ll be at the convention this weekend, I’m going to shift Monday’s “Gamer” Girl post to Tuesday….in case, you’re actually reading/watching. 🙂