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So… yeah….Once again, it has been a long time since I posted anything. I got sucked back into life once I was walking again and doing a bunch of stuff for my Klingon Pop Warrior project and traveling so it goes… another long gap in my blog.
I was also running into some editing issues with the sound on my videos and felt somewhat deflated by that so I started playing the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time & left this in the dust. That’s another blog post though….

I’m back to BioShock 2. This installment has me rockin’ my telekinesis skillz, a magical floating paintbrush, layin down a boatload of trap rivets, and wandering through the crazy Andrew Ryan “fun”house of delusional socio-economic beliefs. I’m not saying I’m any good at this whole thing but it’s been a neat learning experience so I’ll keep it up until I’m done!